On My Watch: Hanan Sobati ‬‬‬

BY Sophie Stevens / Jul 11 2018 / 14:53 PM

The founder of Arabian Gazelles – the region’s first female-only luxury and sports car club – speaks to Bazaar about her Audemars Piguet collection and why she loves a masculine-style timepiece

On My Watch: Hanan Sobati ‬‬‬
Hanan Sobati

HBA:  Which model are you wearing? ‬‬‬

HS: The Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet with a 41mm case in 18-karat rose gold and a black leather strap.

‪ ‬‬‬‬‬
Royal Oak timepiece by Audemars Piguet with gold and diamond ring by LimeLite Jewellery

‪HBA: Why this watch?‬‬

HS: It was a gift from my husband – he knows how much I admire exceptional craftsmanship, and I think its striking design adds a definite tough-girl swagger to any outfit.‬‬‬

HBA: Why is wearing a watch important to you?
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‪HS: Obviously I get satisfaction from well-crafted timepieces such as this, as well as its inherent value. But if I am honest, I also see them as accessories that identify their wearers as strong people with understated confidence, who have nothing to prove.‬‬


HBA: Which other watches are in your collection?

HS: I am a big fan of Audemars Piguet and own quite a few models by them. In due course I will hand these down to my daughter… I don’t think she will give me any other choice!  

‪HBA: Do you feel your taste has changed since you first started collecting watches? ‬‬

HS: Yes, I am gravitating more towards men’s watches as I find they better suit my personality and make a bold style statement. I love how much they can differ from women’s watches, many of which are more ornate and decorative.


‬‬‬HBA: Are there any other watches on your wish list?

HS: Obviously it will depend on the occasion and my mood, but for now my eye is on anything by Richard Mille…

Photographer: Efraim Evidor

Hair & Make Up: Blowout & Go

Venue: D R I F T Beach Club, One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai