Podcast: Pascal Mouawad Reveals The World’s Largest Round Yellow Diamond In The World

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 14 2019 / 17:44 PM

Press play to listen to the owner of the eponymous brand talk BAZAAR through their latest – and most sensational – piece to date

To most, the Mouawad brand will be synonymous with exclusivity, luxury and record-breaking creations – lest we forget about that Victoria’s Secret bra. And their latest release is no different.

In town to celebrate the launch (and treat BAZAAR to a private viewing) of the world’s largest round yellow diamond in the world, the Mouawad Dragon, we sat down with Pascal Mouawad during his trip to Dubai to talk about the exceptional launch.

The diamond has been turned into a show-stopping suite, comprised of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring with five fancy vivid and deep yellow diamonds totalling over 153 carats, and 432 colorless diamonds totalling over 272 carats.

The pinnacle of these exceptional gems lies at the heart of the necklace - the 54.21 carat Mouawad Dragon and the largest round brilliant vivid yellow diamond in the world.

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