Stop Everything: Shiva Safai Just Released A Jewellery Collection

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 29 2018 / 20:55 PM

Shiva Safai X Noush Jewellery is the collection we’ll be wearing all season

Stop Everything: Shiva Safai Just Released A Jewellery Collection

“I wanted to design a jewellery collection that is meaningful to my culture, my followers and myself,” says Shiva Safai on her newly-released collection with Iranian-born jewellery designer Anousha Razavi.

Noush Jewellery X Shiva Safai was inspired by ancient Persian coins. ‘I have always been attracted to artefacts and everyday objects from ancient history, especially ones from the Persian Empire,” explains the former Bazaar Interiors cover star. “During one of my travels to the Middle East, I saw an ancient coin that was so beautiful and unique that inspired me to create a jewellery collection around ancient coins but with my own modern twist.”

The result is four different styles of jewellery pieces: a short necklace, long necklace, singlet rings and stacked rings, each with a precious gem (ruby, emerald, blue sapphire or diamond) and crafted in 14 carat gold.

Each pendant also features a central element that is inspired by the Persian Empire - a lion’s head to represent strength, two fish to represent life and blessings, a pomegranate to represent love and passion, and an eye, which acts as a talisman to keep the evil away and bring luck.

The best part? You can personalise your favourite piece. The Daric collection offers customisation on the back of the pendant or ring, making it the perfect gift for the holiday season.

Noush Jewellery X Shiva Safai is available exclusively on

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