Dopamine Dressing: Dr. Saliha Afridi On The Psychology Behind Looking Your Best While At Home

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Apr 28 2020 / 12:00 PM

The secret for productivity while working from home is in your closet

Dopamine Dressing: Dr. Saliha Afridi On The Psychology Behind Looking Your Best While At Home

Does it really matter what you wear if no one is seeing you throughout the day?

Many of us have moved our professional wardrobes to the back of our closets as we continue on working from home for the foreseeable future - and while most of us know that our wardrobe choices can affect various aspects of within lives, from mood to how we’re perceived other individuals, many of us aren’t familiar with the science behind the correlation between productivity and dressing up for work. 

Bazaar spoke to psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi about the Enclothed Cognition Theory and why it’s important to look your best when working from home. She shares insight into three crucial aspects that can set us up for success, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

The Enclothed Cognition Theory

Our brain is very associative. It links spaces places and certain clothes with the concept of work. Most of us who don’t work from home have to condition our minds and clothes – and your physical space is all part of this conditioning.

The Enclothed Cognition Theory in psychology tells us that our clothes send a signal to our mind about how we need to show up for that moment. It affects everything from our beliefs, attitudes, personality and confidence.

So, if you stay in your pyjamas or your loungewear all day while working from home, but you need your mind and body to be productive and actually work, it’s an uphill battle. This is why looking your best when working remotely does actually matter – even if you aren’t jumping on a zoom call any time that day.

Start Your Morning Right

Another tip to help your mindset is to start your morning by consciously caring for yourself. Take time out to actually get ready, as if you were getting ready to leave the hope. This could be wearing a moisturizing face mask while you shower, doing 20 mins of yoga, dressing stylishly or doing your hair — you are starting your day by filling your cup first before you give to others.

Stick To A Routine

Whatever you decide to do make sure you do it consistently and routinely. Routine is very important especially during times of uncertainty, because a predictable schedule will help ease your anxiety.

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