Why All I Want To Wear In Lockdown Is Ralph & Russo's Tie-Dye Tracksuit

BY Olivia Phillips / Apr 16 2020 / 17:00 PM

Proof that dopamine dressing is very much A Thing...

Why All I Want To Wear In Lockdown Is Ralph & Russo's Tie-Dye Tracksuit

Forget all the competitive quarantining that Instagram has you believing, there's definitely something about lockdown that is putting adulthood on hold, rendering most of us in a state of tracksuit-wearing arrested development.

There's a reason that since we've all been confined to our own four walls that streaming services have seen a sharp uptick in nostalgia searches (Spotify, in fact, reported this week that between April 1st and 7th they saw a 54% increase in throwback playlists, with Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun one of the most-streamed songs, at 2.3 million plays last week alone.)

That's a lot of people dancing round their kitchen imagining the '80s, and I, for one, will be doing it in the ultimate fashion ode to times gone by - Ralph & Russo's slouchy, ice cream-toned, tie-dye tracksuit. A smidge Molly Ringwald and a soupcon Fresh Prince; it is both a comfort and a joy.

There's a science bit to this, too, and it's all about finding comfort in familiarity. David DiSalvo, author of What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite, told Spotify about its findings, “Nostalgia - for many of us - brings us back to a time when our lives felt simpler and we had more control.”

Fast-forward to my rather retro weekend plans: watching The Breakfast Club on Netflix and trying to pretend Instagram doesn't exist. If anyone knows where I can buy a Viennetta, I would be most grateful.

Images courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans