Kuwait Imposes Curfew To Combat Coronavirus

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Mar 22 2020 / 15:21 PM

Only persons working in essential services will be allowed outdoors after 5pm

Kuwait Imposes Curfew To Combat Coronavirus

In a move to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Kuwait has announced a partial curfew from 5pm to 4am commencing on Sunday, Mar 22.

Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Anas Al-Saleh said that the curfew was the result of certain people failing to comply with the Ministry of Health’s instructions to remain indoors.

"Regrettably non-compliance with the Ministry of Health's instructions to stay indoors forced the government to impose the curfew," said Al-Saleh, who went on to add that the compulsory work holiday imposed on government departments and companies would be extended another 14 days. Citizens have been warned that violating the curfew would result in heavy penalties, which could include deportation for expatriates.

The press statement also mentioned that the Civil Defense Committee would issue IDs to employees in vital sectors so that they would not be restricted during the curfew. Other MPs in the Kuwaiti government have been urging the government to aid citizens financially, especially expatriate workers who have been hit hard by the crisis.

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash