Ramadan Working Hours Have Been Announced In The UAE

BY Sarah Joseph / Apr 20 2020 / 14:20 PM

With the holy month due to start in only a matter of days, the government has announced reduced working hours for the public sector

Ramadan Working Hours Have Been Announced In The UAE

An official announcement was made by the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources (FAHR) on Twitter today, which stated official working hours during the month will be from 9:00 - 14:00 for the public sector.

Federal and ministerial employees across the UAE will work five hours per day this Ramadan which has been predicted to start on April 23, according to the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The tweet added that federal ministries and agencies must take into account those whose nature of work dictates otherwise, and must abide by the decisions and circulars related to working remotely in emergency circumstances.

Lead image courtesy of unsplash/david_r

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