Meet The Judge: Chakib Richani

BY Harper's Bazaar Interiors / Nov 21 2017 / 20:17 PM

The architect talks to us about the latest design trends and his varied projects spread across the Middle East and beyond

Meet The Judge: Chakib Richani
Chakib Richani, architect and founder of Chakib Richani Architects

Harper's Bazaar Interiors: What are the trends you are witnessing in the global design industry?
Chakib Richani: Technological innovation in all domains and the search for sustainability has influenced the design industry in its eternal search to improve the quality of life.

HBI: What projects are you presently working on?
CR: We’re currently designing several high-end villas and beach houses in various cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, and London, and across Lebanon, Greece and Oman. Our scope covers architecture, interior as well as landscape design. We’ve also recently introduced many new items to our furniture and accessory collections.

HBI: Where do you source your creative inspiration from?
CR: The creative process starts with intuition, the inspiration being anything in nature or the manmade world or even human behaviour and aspirations.

Double entrance lobby of Zinc Crown House in Jumeirah, Dubai. Photo courtesy of Nikolas Koenig/OTTO for Chakib Richani

HBI: What are your thoughts on the design scene in the Middle East?
CR: Design today ranges from the banal to the creative, from the innovative to the traditional. Although this variety provides a vibrant environment, more mindful and anthropocentric design approach is lacking in the Middle East and the world at large.

HBI: What do you feel the Harper’s Bazaar Interior Awards mean for the region?
CR: The awards will hopefully encourage emerging as well as established talents to explore new realms in their designs.

Pool and garden view of Zinc Crown House in Jumeirah, Dubai. Photo courtesy of Nikolas Koenig/OTTO for Chakib Richani

HBI: What were the traits you looked for in the nominees across the 10 categories this year?
CR: main traits were originality, creativity, simplicity and newness.

HBI: What does an HBI Award mean for the winners?
CR: For the winners, the award represents recognition of their talents and hard work in addition to being an opportunity for exposure to the general public and the circle of professionals.

Winners announced at Downtown Design (14-17 Nov) and in the Winter issue of Harper's Bazaar Interiors, out now.