BoConcept's Latest Furniture Releases Intertwine Elegance, Simplicity And Comfort

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / May 20 2019 / 16:29 PM

Contemporary Danish brand BoConcept’s latest furniture collections embody aesthetically flexible designs to suit a range of styles for every space

BoConcept's Latest Furniture Releases Intertwine Elegance, Simplicity And Comfort
Courtesy of BoConcept
The Osaka Sofa with a tufted seat

First launched in Paris, France, in 1993, Danish furniture brand BoConcept is inspired by Scandinavian beauty and 'hygge', Danish for a state of cosiness. Here are some of the latest launches by the contemporary brand, from charming sofas to homey rugs.

Totoki rug in silver. Courtesy of BoConcept

Designed by renowned Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised interior designer Karim Rashid, BoConcept’s Ottawa Sofa Collection is inspired by minimalism, comfort and maximal efficiency. Featuring curvy shapes and chic lines, the sophisticated sofa includes ten customisable modules in a range of materials and seating options to match individual style. Colours range from elegant shades of grey to vibrant reds and greens. The multifunctional, flexible designs and options to personalise make the Ottowa Sofa ideal for homes, workspaces and lounges.

The Parma Sofa. Courtesy of BoConcept

The Parma Sofa, designed by admired Dutch designer Frans Schrofer, revolutionises recliner sofas with its muscular lines and sculptural legs. Featuring soft-touch switches between the armrest and seat, the back, neck and footrests can be modified to suit different positions while retaining the utmost comfort. The fashionable sofa can be revered in over 100 luxury fabrics.

Other recent favourites by BoConcept include the stylish Imola Chair by Denmark-born designer Henrik Pedersen, the 3 seater Indivi Sofa, the vintage-style Osaka Sofa set with tufted seats by Danish designer Anders Nørgaard and the beautifully handwoven Totoki rug with classic designs and a cotton coating for visual softness.

The Imola Chair. Courtesy of BoConcept

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