Furniture Designers Newsha Dastaviz And Dana Al Matrook Introduce A Minimalist Chic

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Apr 30 2019 / 20:47 PM

The duo's The Line Concept is re-shaping the way that we view furniture with its personal touches, meticulous customisation and minimalist chic

Furniture Designers Newsha Dastaviz And Dana Al Matrook Introduce A Minimalist Chic
Courtesy of The Line Concept
The Line Concept. Crown Table, Infinity Table and Cube Armchair

Inspired by a belief that every piece of furniture should tell a story, Dana Al Matrook and Newsha Dastaviz, founders of The Line Concept, have found the perfect blend between class, comfort and mood. With tailor-made, minimalist designs, each item couples elegance with flair. With a half-Bahraini and half-Emirati background, Dana developed her love for furniture at a young age. “I’d always gone to a lot of fairs and surrounded myself with books that have to do with interiors,” she shares. “I once said to someone more than 10 years ago that it would be my dream job to be a furniture designer.” After meeting Newsha at school pick-ups for their children, Dana discovered a shared passion for custom-made furniture. “We both had this joint interest and we were both so entrenched in that,” she says. “We just tested the waters and it took a life of its own.” Newsha, who was born to Iranian parents but grew up in Sweden, says they were working together well before The Line Concept began. “We had friends that asked us to help customise their dining table for example, so it started like that and grew,” she says.

"Combining minimal materials such as solid woods, marble and metal, the pair design distinctive furniture pieces that draw attention to the charm of simplicity. “The combination of mixing different materials is something that we will always do, and that, I think, creates a lot of beauty in a piece,” says Newsha. With a focus on evoking emotions and moods, the handcrafted pieces highlight that less really is more. “I think a lot of people think that having a piece that’s very intricate and unique means that it has a lot of feeling,” adds Dana. “Especially in this part of the world, there’s a lot of carving work and detail but actually, if you mix materials, you can go with something really simple and create something incredibly strong.”

Newsha Dastaviz and Dana Al Matrook. ITP images

Having worked with brands such as Emaar and Key Concept, the duo launched their first solo collection, titled Continuum, in 2018. The collection features their best-seller and personal favourite, the ‘Kaiser Sideboard’, as well as other pieces crafted with marbles, steel and hand-carved wooden slats. “We sat in a small room together and literally wrote all over post-its and had sketches all over the wall until we came down to the designs that we liked,” says Dana. From elegant chairs to sophisticated tables including the ‘Infinity Table’, each piece is designed to create the illusion of a continuum. The collection adds the unique feature of varying perceptions, with each item cleverly crafted to instil a unique perspective, depending on the angle at which it is viewed. 

 While they are constantly imagining innovative designs, the pair emphasise that their furniture always aims to include the element of personal touch. “I think that’s something people are struggling to find, and they really relate to it,” expresses Dana. “They feel this is mine and it reflects my identity and it’s not just a piece I bought at a shop.” With in-house production facilities, they both take pride in being a Dubai-based brand. “We are a home-grown brand and we are very proud of that,” says Newsha. Together, they have created over 700 designs for customers around the region, customising every detail to produce identifiable and personally relatable furniture pieces. “We have a very good mix, I think, both in terms of taste and how we work.”

As for future plans, the pair are continuously envisioning new designs and combinations of elements and materials. “Our last collection is unique,” Dana shares. “So we’re trying to think, do we want to build on that and continue down that trajectory, or strike everyone with something completely different.” With a refreshingly personal and artistic approach to furniture, The Line Concept is a design studio that goes beyond aesthetics. 

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