Here's Why We Love Iwan Maktabi's New Limited Edition Carpet Collections

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Jan 12 2020 / 12:22 PM

The brand has joined hands with acclaimed designers David/Nicolas and Gregory Gatserelia for the launch of these stunning limited edition carpet pieces

Here's Why We Love Iwan Maktabi's New Limited Edition Carpet Collections
Iwan Maktabi

Iwan Maktabi has been one of the most go-to spaces for modern and collectible carpets in the Gulf region since 1995. The carpet brand specialises in fine carpets, representing international designers as well as collaborating with architects, designers, decorators and artists.

This year, Iwan Maktabi has collaborated with Lebanese design duo David/Nicolas for The Orientations collection and architect Gregory Gatserelia for The Odyssey collection, which will both be released this year.

Orientations – A collection by David/Nicolas

Orientations by David/Nicolas highlights the rich textures of the carpets, the minimalist designs and of course, their handicraft. After countless sketches, trials and errors, the Orientations collection was born.

Reminiscent of constellations in the night sky, the collection features hand-spun wool with three dimensional figures that can be found in traditional Oriental carpets, in alignment with the duo’s creative design language. 

The carpets are a concoction of ancient, contemporary and futuristic elements woven into a timeless aesthetic. Orientations by David/Nicolas for Iwan Maktabi will be premiered at Nomad in St Moritz on 6, 7 and 8 February 2020.

The Odyssey – A collection by Gregory Gatserelia

Iwan Maktabi and Gregory Gatserelia’s journey began with an aquarelle. Gatserelia’s vision truly originates from an interior-architect and decorator’s perspective. Noting inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 A Space Odyssey, these carpets are abstract reflections of a mystifying universe.

Odyssey comprises four designs with rich and complex textures. Bold shapes and structures inhabit each and every piece, made of Tibetan wool and silk. The designs are a cinematic dialogue of textures and colours, crafted by highly skilled Tibetan artisans.

The pieces exude intricate craftsmanship and fine luxury, with every detail handcrafted with the utmost attention, bringing a mystical aesthetic into the home. Both collections are limited edition.

Image Courtesy: Iwan Maktabi