How LG Product Designs Are Revolutionising Home Appliances

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Aug 1 2019 / 15:27 PM

The thriving company has formed a very compatible marriage between design and functionality

How LG Product Designs Are Revolutionising Home Appliances
Courtesy of LG
The LG Signature Kitchen Suite in South Korea

When we think LG, the slogan “Life’s Good” might come to mind. But did you know that’s not what the letters stand for? LG is the brainchild of South Korean businessman Koo In Hwoi, and when it first launched in 1958, the brand was entitled “Lucky Goldstar”.

A whole 37 years later in 1995, it became known as LG Electronics. Perpetually advancing, LG launched the world’s first refrigerator powered by an Inverter Linear Compressor in 2001, its ultra-premium LG Signature brand in 2016 and the world’s first rollable OLED television just this year.

LG Signature Kitchen Suite featuring the latest home appliances by LG. Courtesy of LG

We might only know LG for its widespread range of electronics, but the brand has a whopping 69 companies under its belt (comprising household and skincare products too). And while the products are widely recognised for their high calibre functionality, we delved into the design elements instead.

WokJun Chung, the Laboratory Leader at H&A Design Lab, Corporate Design Centre of LG Electronics, says there are many inspirations behind the product designs - even poetry. For instance, the circle seen in the new LG Front Loader Washing Machine was inspired by the reflection of the moon on a lake. “There are a lot of places where design inspiration comes from,” says Chung. “But most of the design comes from the essence of the product, that’s the most important.”

Also of note are the minimalist design features of the new NeoChef microwave oven.  With a smooth tempered-glass front, diamond-cut dial, sliding touch control function and a matte finish, the microwave blends functionality with an elegant aesthetic.

NeoChef microwave oven by LG. Courtesy of LG

“With its sophisticated, minimalist design, this stunning microwave oven embodies our dedication to bringing style and convenience to kitchens across the Middle East and Africa region,” says Song Dae-hyun, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company.

“Powered by LG’S unique Smart Inverter technology, the NeoChef efficiently and effectively reheats and defrosts food, decreases cooking times and makes it easier than ever for users to prepare delicious, highly-nutritious meals.”

The philosophy behind the people-oriented, design-focused company is not just to sell, but to sell the right product. Today, LG is continuing to flourish, bringing its latest home appliance revolutions to the Middle East and Africa region including the LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher, NeoChef Microwave Oven, InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, DualCool Air Conditioner and the ultra-premium LG Signature brand. All comprising sophisticated, minimal designs that add to the elegant décor of a home and advanced technology that delivers a seamless user experience.

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