Design Miami/Basel 2019: Highlights From The Collectible Design Fair

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 11 2019 / 16:01 PM

The annual Design Miami/Basel fair has returned with a plethora of wondrous exhibitions, art objects and collectible design from the 20th and 21st centuries on display. Here are some highlights from the international design fair...

Design Miami/Basel 2019: Highlights From The Collectible Design Fair
Courtesy of Design Miami and Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Orgone Stretch Lounge (Orange) by Marc Newson. 1993. Carpenters Workshop Gallery

For over a decade, Design Miami has served as a global platform for emerging and established collectors, designers, curators, gallerists and critics around the world. Each December, the prestigious fair launches alongside its sister show Art Basel in Miami, US and each June alongside Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland. This month from 11 to 16 June, the fair will see a melting pot of renowned galleries from all over the world showcase avant-garde high-end furniture, architecture, fashion, art and design objects.

Verhoeven Twins. Innocence. Borosilicate glass, iridescent oil. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Unveiled at the entrance to the fair each year, the Design at Large program presents large-scale installations that depict contemporary and historical design. For 2019, Design Miami/Basel has announced the theme of the program as Elements: Earth. Through the program, the works showcased highlight the relationships between raw materials and waste, artifical and natural, consumption and production. 

Lindsey Adelman. Paradise City. 2019. Courtesy of Lindsey Adelman Studio

Under the creative direction of Curatorial Director Aric Chen, nine galleries are brought together to explore the future of materials and resources through a riveting group exhibition. “The growing inescapability of our impact on the planet presents once-unthinkable scenarios for what the future might look like,” says Chen.

 Tiss-tiss Fauteuil. Aluminium. Limited edition of 8. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Throughout the Elements: Earth program, New York-based Friedman Benda  explores the relationship between humans, societies and landscapes with over twenty works on show from the Territories series by iconic Italian architect-designer Andrea Branzi. The works created for the series have been completed over a period of forty years.

Shahar Livne. Metamorphism. Galerie VIVID. Lithoplast Object (5). Courtesy of Galerie VIVID and the artist

Rome-based Giustini / Stagetti gallery examines the general meaning of production through an evocative installation work, showcasing how design can implement a more eco-friendly use of the earth’s resources. On show are furniture items from the Ore Streams series, made from recycled materials and electronic waste.

Atelier Swarovski. Slanted Tiles by Study O Portable. 2018. Curio program at Design Miami/Basel. Courtesy of Design Miami and Swarovski

Further galleries exhibiting at the Elements: Earth program include Galerie Philippe Gravier, Etage Projects, Galerie VIVID, Mercado Moderno, Jason Jacques Gallery and Joseph Walsh Studio.


Nacho carbonell. Pink piled cubes concrete base. 2019. Metal steel frame, metal mesh and paverpol mix. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

“Elements: Earth brings into focus emerging possibilities for reimagining how we use the planet’s resources, the very nature of those resources, and the conceptual, visual, and design languages that might arise as a result,” adds Chen.

Joseph Walsh. Magnus V. Layers of olive ash wood. Courtesy of Joseph Walsh Studio

Carpenters Workshop Gallery has unveiled nature-inspired new works by renowned artists including Vincenzo De Cotiis, Studio Drift, Atelier Van Lieshout, Campana Brothers, Vincent Dubourg, Wendell Castle and more.

Works include Studio Drift’s Flylight (New York City), made from lights that represent a flock of flying birds, Wendell Castle’s Fallen and Risen chair in bronze, Studio Job’s Tiffany Tree Lamp which is made entirely from resin and Vincenzo De Cotiis’ furniture featuring earthy tones and references to nature. 

The stones used are red moonstone, dark cornaline, grey mother of pearl and white mother of pearl, and 18K gold fabric. Courtesy of Boghossian

Never-before-seen works presented by the gallery include a sculptural chair in bronze by American artist Wendell Castle and a clock by Dutch furniture designer Maarten Baas entitled The  Grandfather Clock

Jewellery label Boghossian has created a booth that highlights the brand's multiculturalism and use of ancient crafts through The Gold Thread Projectin collaboration with designer Kia Utzon-Frank and Nada Debs, under the direction of Ralph Boghossian. Boghossian continues to push the boundaries of jewellery craftsmanship by perpetually employing innovative techniques. 

For Design Miami's Curio Program, the brand produced a limited series of jewels made of 18K gold fabric. Twenty pieces of Gold Thread were presented by the brand exclusively for the Design Miami fair.

Rib Lamp, deep sea by Floris Wubben at The Future Perfect 1. Courtesy of Design Miami and The Future Perfect

Other galleries participating at this year's Design Miami/Basel fair include Hostler Burrows, The Future Perfect, Side Gallery, Salon 94 Design and Gate 5. In addition, the show is also home to a Curio Program in which architects and designers challenge traditional design norms through innovative objects and artifacts. Featured at this year's Curio Program is Swarovski, Armel Soyer, DIMOREGALLERY and more.

A piece exhibiting fourteen moval-shaped diamonds weighing 5.61 cts, D-F color VVS-VS clarity, thirty diamond briolettes, and golden fabric. Courtesy of Boghossian

Design Miami/Basel is on show from 11 to 16 June 2019

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