7 Super Easy Ways To Add Colour To Your Home, According To An Interior Designer

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Sep 8 2019 / 20:50 PM

A take on quick impromptu colour additions this summer

7 Super Easy Ways To Add Colour To Your Home, According To An Interior Designer
Frank Porter Design

Is your home in need of an injection of energy and little jujing up, but you have absolutely no idea where to start? BAZAAR sat down with Anna Skigin, founder of leading interior design company, Frank Porter Design, who shares her ultimate tips on how to bring your home up to speed with summer's biggest interior trends. Ahead, seven super easy ways to add colour to your home...

Go for big, bold and beautiful art

An oversized piece instantly brightens a room. Affordable art can be purchased easily in the UAE – check out sites like IKEA, Drawdeck or Imfy for ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, if you own a brightly coloured silk scarf that you no longer wear, you can simply iron it, frame it and hang it to make a simple yet stunning centre piece for your home.

Frank Porter Design

Time for tiles

Fancy adding some colour to the kitchen? Then why not make the backsplash an accent wall? You can tile the entire wall and create a fabulous impact.

Introducing the versatile tray

Liven up any coffee or dinning table with a large tray in the center and dress it up seasonally, monthly, or weekly with objects, knick-knacks, and plants from around the house. For best results, pick a tray that contrasts well with the material on the table.

Frank Porter Design

Float some shelves

Doubling is the perfect option for anyone looking for more storage solutions, not only do shelves add a statement to your home, but they also allow you to maximize on space. It’s also a great way to display a book collection or trinkets from travels around the world.

Rug it up!

Giving certain spaces some colour can be tricky. Draw the eye to the floor mat with a comfortable, and eye-grabbing carpet or rug. This can be teamed with pops of colour from pillows that can be added to anything from dining room chairs and sofas to beds and kitchen stools.

Frank Porter Design

Bathroom Bling

Shower curtains are bathroom essentials, but that doesn’t mean they have to be bland (or, worse, transparent). Pick a vibrant, patterned or solid one that matches the bathroom tile to completely change the look and feel of the room.


Want to give the illusion of limitless space? Mirrors do the trick every time! Best part is they’ll also make your home look twice the size (perfect for small apartments) and bring in a lot of light at the same time.

Frank Porter Design