7 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps, According To Instagram Influencers

BY Danae Mercer / Sep 1 2019 / 21:49 PM

The pros share their insider tips

7 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps, According To Instagram Influencers
Instagram/SukainaRajabali & Instagram/TheRollingProdigy

Taking a photo is only 50 per cent of the finished product — the rest comes in how you edit and post-produce it. Fortunately there are plenty of easy-to-use apps available for your phone. Influencers reveal their favorites.

Get Lightroom

 Across the board, this is the app all the pros recommend. “It’s versatile, I can buy filters or create my own, and it has advanced features like a gradient tool which helps things pop,” says travel photographer Sukaina Rajabali.

Embrace vintage

“The Huji app is great for iPhone photos,” says travel blogger Amy Seder of Awaylands. Huji replicates a vintage polaroid. “Everything always looks great and it does an amazing job.” She also loves her presets for camera photos.

Plan your feed

“Unum - Design Your Story is my favorite feed-planner,” says travel and health blogger Carly Neave. “It allows you to pull straight from your IG feed your most recent block of images, and then swap new images around to see what fits best.” This app is good for making your overall feed aesthetically pleasing, she adds.

Create fast videos

InShot is great for video clips and very intuitive, plus it has music, filters, stickers and more. It does drop video resolution quality.

Go old school

“My fav app is RNI film because it gives me the vintage vibe that suits my aesthetics,” says Abeer Acero, of the book-focused LookingForAbura instagram account.

Make your stories unique

“I use Unfold for stories,” says Nabeel Merchant, the professional photographer behind TheRollingProdigy. Unfold allows you to paste together videos and photos in different scrapbook formats.

Throw some dust

Add extra texture with Tezza. “It has built in filters and features like grain and dust to really make your pictures as individual as you are,” says Rajabali.

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