#ChicEats | Luau Brunch, Trader Vic´s

BY Stephanie Carmona Fagundes / Dec 14 2019 / 11:24 AM

Latin America meets Hawaii like you've never imagined before

#ChicEats | Luau Brunch, Trader Vic´s
Trader Vic's Madinat

Aloha! If you´re looking to spend a Hawaii-inspired Friday lunch, Trader Vic´s recently launched, Luau Brunch at Madinat Jumeirah is the perfect vibrant escape.

With Dubai´s wonderful weather at the moment, this al fresco dining experience allows guests to soak in the crisp winter sun whilst a live Cuban band sets the ambience with irresistible Latin tunes. Latin America meets Hawaii like you've never imagined before. 

The menu consists of mouth-watering fare that seeks fuses Latin American favourite with a distinct tripical twist. Much to our delight the brunch is served to your table with a set menu of starters and desserts; giving guests the option to select their drinks and mains. Unmissable highlights include the salmon salad, their delicious lobster salad and a delightful rendition of tuna tataki. Dessert is a serious affair, with a selection of indulgent dishes. Having a massive sweet tooth, we couldn't get enough of their creamy creme brulee which was beautifully presented in a seashell - we wouldnt have gone for seconds if we weren't so full already! 

So, if you don´t have a plan for next Friday and you´re looking to have some fun while enjoying a selection of Trader Vic´s best dishes, you definitely need to go to this lively brunch.

For more information and bookings visit tradervicsmadinat.com

All Images: Courtesy of Trader Vic's Madinat Jumeirah