7 Mistakes That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Didn’t Get Away With

BY Delara Zand / May 21 2019 / 22:57 PM

Coffee cups, laptop chargers, rubber swords and more...

7 Mistakes That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Didn’t Get Away With

Game of Thrones’ epic final season drew to a close last night, with a showdown that sparked all sorts of reactions from the show’s devoted and long-time fanbase. However, after a rogue water bottle sighting followed the appearance of a Starbucks cup, we began to wonder - has the eighth and final season seen the most large-scale blunders yet? Or have the show’s eagle-eyed followers simply become more attentive? We took a look back at all the mess-ups throughout the franchise’s ten years of existence - many of which were digitally corrected or edited out later, but having already been subjected to scrutiny by the supreme authority: the Twittersphere.

1. Season 8, Episode 6: The Water Bottle 

A stray water bottle made an appearance in last night's series finale. It showed up in King's Landing, during an all-important gathering of the leaders of Westeros, concelead behind Samwell Tarly's foot. After a Starbucks cup graced the table in the Great Hall of Winterfell just weeks ago, Twitter was up in arms. Stay hydrated, kids. 

2. Season 8, Episode 5: Jamie Lannister's Right Hand

Jamie Lannister's right hand has been gone a long time - it was severed back in season three, whilst he was attempting to free Brienne of Tarth. Recently, though, in a shot of him hugging Cersei, his sword hand appeared to have magically grown back. How very curious. 

3. Season 8, Episode 4: The Starbucks Cup

Ah, the now-infamous Starbucks cup. The misplaced coffee cup caused quite a sensation on social media, perhaps earning it the status of the most famous and talked-about Starbucks cup the Internet has ever seen. It made a cameo on the banquet table in Winterfell's Great Hall, suspiciously in front of Daenerys Targaryen. This fact led Sophie Turner, when quizzed about the gaffe on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to jokingly hint that Emilia Clarke was the culprit. Clarke, however, denied all responsibility, insisting that the cast "dont drink Starbucks", and suggesting that it could be, well, basically anyone other than the cast members. In the words of the show's executive producer, "Westeros was the first place to actually, you know, have Starbucks." 

4. Season 6, Episode 9: The Rubber Sword

The sword that defeats Ramsay Bolton's army in the Battle of the Bastards must be a pretty powerful one, right? So when Jon Snow mounted his horse, ready to valiantly charge into battle, forgive us for doing a double take when we saw his notorious Lonngclaw sword, crafted from the finest Valyrian steel, swaying back and forth... as if it weren't really made of Valyrian steel?

5. Season 5, Episode 10: The Laptop Charger

Here's another 21st-century invention that seemingly made its debut in medieval-era Westeros - after Stannis Baratheon met his demise at the hands of Brienne of Tarth, bodies strewn across the ground behind him, he is slouched on the brink of death with none other than a laptop charger draped across his leg. It was probably a good shout not to bring the laptop into battle too. 


6. Season 1, Episode 8: The Extra Guard

Having trouble there? After Barristan is forced into retirement, the King's guards draw their swords, anticipating a fight, only to sheathe them in (highly satisfying) uniform fashion moments later. The downside of such slick and visually pleasing synchrony, however, is that it makes the guard on the far right of the shot all too noticeable, struggling with the prop and unable to sheathe it at the same moment. He's saved by the camera eventually cutting away. 


7. Season 1: The Title Sequence

We're now taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the show's very first few episodes. In many ways, blunders are more forgivable in the show's early days, however, this was a pretty big one. 

The title sequence involves the cast's names rolling across the screen accompanied by a seal showing their character's house. In season one's opening credits, both Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner were assigned the wrong houses. The Targaryen seal appeared beside the name Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, whilst the name Emilia Clarke bore a Lannister symbol, despite the fact that she plays the Targaryen queen, Daenerys. I mean, it's good to know we're not the only ones who get confused sometimes...