The Burj Khalifa Lights Up To Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Friends’

BY Milli Midwood / Sep 23 2019 / 09:12 AM

The one where Friends turned 25

The Burj Khalifa Lights Up To Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Friends’

In case you needed any further proof that Friends is the best thing to grace our TV screens in this lifetime, just look to the plethora of ways the world is celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary. Case in point? Last night, the Burj Khalifa’s iconic projecting mapping show lit up to The Rembrandts’ I’ll Be There For You – also knows as ‘the Friends theme tune’. Could we be any more emotional right now?

The light show depicted plenty of iconic moments and motifs from the 236 episodes, from Joey’s signature How You Doing? catchphrase, to Monica’s yellow peephole frame.

Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt le Blanc and David Schwimmer all took to Instagram this week to share tributes to the show.

"Celebrating a Thursday night 25 years ago," with Schwimmer (aka Ross) going on to say, "THANK YOU to all the fans out there!! We couldn't have done it without you."

“Celebrating a Thursday night 25 years ago,” Cox wrote. “Thank you to all of our loyal fans across the world. You’ve certainly been there for us! I love these guys!” She tagged Schwimmer, Kudrow and LeBlanc, while taking a friendly swipe at Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry — presumably for not having Instagram — by using the hashtags #seriouslyjen? and #youtoomatthew.

“Celebrating a Thursday night 25 years ago,” penned Kudrow. “We might be in different places but we are connected.”

Le Blanc writes, “Seems like yesterday. Thanks to all the fans for watching.”

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