You Can Now Kayak In The Water Around The Louvre Abu Dhabi

BY Tally Sargent / Apr 21 2019 / 19:34 PM

Yes, you read that correctly

You Can Now Kayak In The Water Around The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Grab your hats and your SPF because the Louvre Abu Dhabi are now hosting kayak tours around the museum.

After a quick pre-paddle safety briefing and a lifejacket fitting, guests can hop into their very own kayak and set off into the beauty of the Arabian Sea to see the museum from a previously unseen perspective.

No experience? No problem. There’s no need to fret if you have never set foot (or sail) in a kayak before, as each group will be joined by a professional instructor from the Sea Hawk Water Sports team (the Abu Dhabi-based adventure company behind the Louvre-kayaking news), who will put you at ease, whilst also talking you through the magnificent architecture of the world famous museum.

Sea Hawk Water Sports have been organising eco-friendly excursions around the region for over eight years, offering daily tours into the wonders of the UAE, including the Eastern Mangroves.

Trade the couch for a kayak this weekend and soak up so much more than iconic pieces of art. 

Dhs120 for one; more information at