These Are The Most Instagrammable Cafes In Saudi Arabia

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 4 2019 / 12:54 PM

Not only does the coffee look good, it tastes even better...

These Are The Most Instagrammable Cafes In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's new tourist visa doesn't just mean that you can attend the Kingdom's own Coachella festival next year, you can now truly explore the beautiful country. From tourist attractions in Jeddah and Riyadh, to all the beaches you have to visit across the country, Saudi is flourishing with new opportunities and activities. So if you happen to find yourself visiting, don't forget to take a break and stop by the region's best cafes; specifically the most aesthetic ones. While Saudi Arabia takes its cups of coffee very seriously, you can never go wrong with a place that offers both the perfect ambiance and the richest of roasts.

BAZAAR have rounded up the coolest cafes that Saudi has to offer...


XOXO Cafe Roastery

Located in Medinah, this cafe gives off a forest-like vibe with its plant-based decor. Its use of wood provides a natural ambiance to the setting, other than the urban feel that it gives off. Not only do they use specific coffee beans and brews, but their coffee art is (obviously) their unique touch. This cafe would make for a great study or work space. 


The Art Cafe

Located in the province of Dammam, Art Cafe KSA is the prime spot for art and coffee-lovers. This cafe combines both artistic elements in their decor by (quite literally) hanging up art by local and international artists, and simultaneously serving delicious lattes and dessert dishes that are to die for. 


Ca/le/ndar -since this-

'Ca/le/ndar-since this-' cafe is located in Riyadh amongst the hussle and bussle of the city. It's Victorian minimalistic and floral themes are what attract custonmers, other than their specialty lattes. With this cute & artistic aesthetic, how could customers not be flocking to this cafe? Even His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has visited twice! 


Capri Cafe

Another Riyadh favourite. Capri cafe has a more minimalistic theme than most cafes, with blue interior and grey marble. But, it's unique stand-out factor is the large cherry blossom tree standing in the middle of the cafe. A snap of this would definitely be instagram-worthy.



Far from your usual cafe name, 'Al3nah', is located in Al Hofuf, east of Saudi Arabia. It gives off an industrial feel with a colder colour-scheme, and even has the perfect graffiti wall to take a picture of your coffee in front of. But what makes this cafe so special is it's dessert-presentation. Take some flatlay pictures of any mouth-watering dish you order, it'll definitely give your friends FOMO.



Cup & Couch

The perfect neighbourhood cafe. Cup & Couch is your cozy local coffee roastery in Jeddah, it's even family-owned, making the cafe that much more home-y. The founders of the cafe not only brew the coffee themselves and work in the cafe, but they also keep conscious track of their coffee beans harvest - making sure they're ethically-sourced.



Famous among coffee connoisseurs in Jeddah, Brew92 has a mininmalistic and industrial vibe to it. They have a wide selection of coffee beans and decorate their location with geometric patterns, as well as neon signs. If there's a neon sign, there's an instagram post.