#ChicEats: Coya, Abu Dhabi

BY Elizabeth Kelly / Sep 12 2019 / 18:16 PM

Peruvian vegan dishes that hit all the right spots. BAZAAR explores the capital’s hotspot…

#ChicEats: Coya, Abu Dhabi
Coya, Abu Dhabi

Regionally renowned and award-winning globally, Coya offers diners a tantalising Latin American inspired experience in the heart of the Middle East.

In 2012, the concept was born after Culinary Chef Sanjay Dwivedi embarked on an epic year-long gastro tour of South America on a hunt for the most exciting flavours in international contemporary cuisine. Upon arriving in Peru, he knew he had finally found what he was looking for. 

Recognised from Paris to Abu Dhabi for its unique flavours, Peruvian Pisco Sours and vibrant atmosphere, Coya is genuinely one of the most exquisite places to dine – whether with your other half, family or friends.

Upon arriving, we were led to the bar where we were treatedto their famed Pisco Sours (including a specially made vegan friendly version for our party’s token difficult eater)…and one word came to mind, delightful.

On this (rather rare) occasion we all opted for the vegan/vegetarian menu and wow, some of the best vegan dishes we have ever sampled in the UAE. A firm Coya favourite arrived on the table, a bowl of dressed avocado which was swiftly dismantled before our eyes *swoon*. Post guac coma we tucked into the fresh faintly spiced avocado and tomato corn tortillas. Before long our table was overflowing with delectable vegan friendly tapas-style dishes from grilled Peruvian style asparagus, truly sensational Portobello mushroom skewers to a basic but very tasty stir fry quinoa. However, little did we know, these were just the appetizers.

Positively full we attempted to tackle the delicious pea risotto but this all proved a little too much post appetizer attack.

As soon as the clock stuck 10pm the venue came to life. It was a hype of activity overflowing with a buzzing energy, from dancing to the live band at the bar, to the bustle of late diners around us just settling into their first of the famed Pisco Sours. One fateful error we made – we booked a table too early. Therefore, word to the wise, to discover the full Coya experience opt for a late dinner reservation and do as the locals do.

The service was pleasant, attentive but not intrusive and this paired with the sublime *vegan* culinary experience, it’s safe to say Coya has knocked some of our firm Abu Dhabi favourites off the top spot. Needless to say, we’ll be back.