#ChicEats: The DOORS Freestyle Grill Dubai, Al Seef

BY Connie Chamberlayne / May 19 2019 / 13:11 PM

Are these the most theatrical dishes in Dubai?

#ChicEats: The DOORS Freestyle Grill Dubai, Al Seef
The Doors Freestyle Grill

Let’s face it, when it comes to food, there’s no shortage of theatrics in the Gulf. But what is the key ingredient for hitting that all-important sweet spot? With any new restaurant, it is with no doubt the seamless marriage between outstanding production and high-quality food. Al Seef’s new carnivore culinary must-try, The Doors Freestyle Grill has managed to do just that with remarkable flair. 

Their up-specced take on traditional Turkish favourites with a contemporary twist is a performance quite unlike any other in Dubai and it is certainly one for the meat lovers among us. The show starts in superlative style as a perforated wooden block flaunting endless rolls of beef sushi arrives on a golden trolley and parked next to your table before it is seared to perfection with a blow torch front of your very eyes by a slick uniformed server. Spicy, smoky and melt in your mouth, this delectable starter leaves you almost desperate for more.

But don’t be too quick to order yourself another plate. You’ll need room for the unmissable Beef Butterfall Steak, a signature dish from acclaimed Chef and creator of the restaurant, Kemal Çéylan. Picture this:  Another gilded trolley arrives with a giant bone protruding out of it before the waiter pours orange and butter which dribbles its way into the slices of tenderloin which are then seared and smoked in front of you. This dish is a must and delivers a serious amount wow-factor to your table, not to mention an abundance of succulent bone marrow to suck on once you’re done with the main event.

Courtesy of The Doors Freestyle Grill

Chef and creator of the restaurant, Kemal Çéylan

It is important to mention here that Çéylan selects the meats from top butcheries around the world and even owns a farm to make sure of a supply of the finest quality lamb and it really shows - and tastes! The lamb chops take on a no-frills approach but are as succulent as you like and simply bursting with flavour.

Courtesy of The Doors Freestyle Grill

But seafood lovers fret not. I haven’t forgotten you! If you’re not into meat, the giant king prawns are utterly sublime smothered in a spicy garlic marinade with an elegant rose petal garnish.

The service is a little on the overly attentive side, but they can be forgiven thanks to the stylish surrounds (think black and gold interiors not unlike the secret lair of a James Bond villain) and the highly dramatic Eden Garden dessert; a giant chocolate ball in the centre of a rose gold tray filled to the brim with mouth wateringly fresh fruit slices and creamy crème brûlée.

Courtesy of The Doors Freestyle Grill

VIP Majilis Area

What’s more, the restaurant boasts a mixology bar where the most elaborate of non-alcoholic beverages toil and bubble in contraptions fit for a science lab. Meanwhile, a chic shisha lounge, roof terrace and VIP dining area are the hidden treasures of the cleverly disguised upper section of this must-visit hotspot.

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