8 Questions with Chef Marco Saracino of Harper's Bazaar Cafe

BY Maria Popova / Dec 12 2017 / 17:41 PM

We chat to the head chef at Harper's Bazaar Cafe about his love for French cuisine and healthy food

8 Questions with Chef Marco Saracino of Harper's Bazaar Cafe
Chef Marco Saracino at Harper's Bazaar Cafe

HB: Which region is your cooking style inspired by?
CM: I am from Italy, but I lived in France for 8 years: Paris, Saint Tropez, Val Duron. I am very influenced by French cuisine, it's the best in the world. It’s sophisticated in the way the food is made and how the ingredients are sourced. France schools all the best chefs. Even the culinary dictionary is from France because the first cooking school was founded in there.

HB: Is it also your favorite cuisine to cook?
CM: Yes, the French technique is my favorite. In French cuisine, the most important thing is respect for the products. The bakery, the cheese...

HB: Tell us about the Harper’s Bazaar Café menu.
CM: It’s not only French. Harper’s Bazaar is American, but the menu is eclectic. We have a wide variety of different dished: healthy options, breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches. We have both light dishes and gourmet options.

Chef Marco From Harper's Bazaar Cafe

Chef Marco Saracino

HB: People today are very conscious of healthy eating. Do you try to cater for people sticking to a healthy diet?
CM: It’s important to stay healthy, especially in the fashion world. We try to combine healthy and gourmet in our menu. For example, the seabass, the grilled chicken. What often makes a dish healthy or not is the seasoning. Like pasta is something healthy, it’s only flour and water. But if you put cream, chicken, and parmesan it becomes something heavy. Many people come here to have a zucchini and carrot salad, but ask for two portions of bread, so it is no longer healthy…

HB: How do you make dishes both healthy and tasty?
CM: It’s all about the balance of dressing. Instead of sugar, you can put honey. Is a lifestyle. Even eating a burger with French fries is different from eating a burger with a salad. You can also substitute the bread with the lettuce.

 Chef Marco Saracino

Chef Marco Saracino

HB: What is your favorite dish on the menu?
CM: I love the curried coconut quinoa. It’s sweet, spicy and salty at the same time, it’s really good. Also, I love the Angus beef burger and slow cooked lamb shank.

HB: How would you define the Bazaar café customer?
CM: Harper’s Bazaar is open to everybody. It’s popular among people who choose a healthy lifestyle. Many professional people come here as well. Our fast-served business lunch is very popular.

HB: What’s your favorite part of the day working at Harper’s Bazaar Café?
CM: I am happy when the customers are happy. I transmit my passion to the plate and my plates to the guests.