#DaliasKitchen | Quick Chocolate & Chesnut Pots

BY Dalia Dogmoch / Dec 21 2017 / 21:30 PM

Enjoy Dalia Dogmoch Soubra's delicious Holiday dessert

#DaliasKitchen | Quick Chocolate & Chesnut Pots
Quick Chocolate & Chesnut Pots by Dalia Dogmoch

Quick Chocolate & Chesnut Pots

Serves 6

Prep & cook time: 20 minutes

  • 400g non sweetened chestnut puree
  • (or cooked and peeled chestnuts)
  • 160g icing sugar, divided
  • 300ml whipping cream
  • 220g dark chocolate
  • 60g butter

Make the most of family time with these beautiful festive treats from Dalia Dogmoch SoubraDalia Dogmoch 

1. Whisk the chestnut puree with 60g of icing sugar until well combined. If you are using cooked chestnuts, use a food blender to puree the chestnuts and mix with the icing sugar.

2. Using an electric or stand mixer, combine the whipping cream and remaining icing sugar, and mix until you obtain whipped cream consistency, then set aside.

3. Melt the chocolate and butter over a double boiler, and combine well.

4. Assemble the chestnut pots by starting with some chestnut puree, layering the whipped cream on top and adding a layer of melted chocolate. Serve immediately.


Photography: Ausra Osipaviciute. Styling: Taya Shalaby. Dalia wears: dress, Dhs12,950, Johanna Ortiz at Ounass. Shot at El Chiringuito Dubai