This Online Store Has The Cutest Home Décor Pieces Handmade By Egyptian Artisans

Decobate, Website, Home Décor, Accessories, Worldwide shipping
Homegrown in Egypt, available worldwide

Dedicated to Egyptian craftsmanship, ships home décor and accessories worldwide to 50 countries. Aptly named, deco is short for decorate and the Arabic word bate translates to ‘home’.

“Customers find our products fun, unique, visually-appealing, and practical,” says Ahmed El-Gholmy, the co-founder of “That’s exactly what we intended from the get-go when we were handpicking our product range. We wanted to feature locally-produced products that are of international standard; in terms of quality and design.”

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Courtesy of Decobate

Founded in September 2018, the site’s collection is based in Egypt. The home décor pieces take inspiration from around the world and every piece is unique.

“The beauty of handmade products is that every single item is unique in its own way. No two handmade items are 100% identical,” adds El-Gholmy. “Egypt’s centuries-old arts and crafts scene deserves to be re-invented and find its way into the digital modern World. And that’s what is all about.”

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Decobate, Website, Home Décor, Accessories, Worldwide shipping