Airbnb Has Announced Its Ten Most Expensive Destinations

BY Delara Zand / May 13 2019 / 17:13 PM

An Arab city made the list…

Airbnb Has Announced Its Ten Most Expensive Destinations

Airbnb has become the go-to for all types of traveller, backpackers and beach-lovers alike, seeking some enviable interior design, a more low-key dwelling with a homely atmosphere, or an entirely unique experience. The online travel service Globehunters has analysed Airbnb data to come up with a ranking of the ten most expensive cities in which to rent an Airbnb property across the globe. Incredibly, six out of the ten priciest cities are located in the US, and the city taking last place is perhaps the one you’d expect to top the list. The other four destinations are hardly a surprise - Barcelona, Amsterdam, London and Dubai are all tourist hotspots. Have a look at the top ten below, ranked by average daily rental cost.

1. San Francisco, USA, Dhs819

2. Miami, USA, Dhs709
3. Orlando, USA, Dhs702

4. Las Vegas, USA, Dhs687

5. Honolulu, USA, Dhs683

6. Barcelona, Spain, Dhs650

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dhs646

8. London, UK, Dhs632

9. Dubai, UAE, Dhs613

10. New York City, USA, Dhs591