3 Luxury Wellness Retreats For Having Fun While Getting Fit

BY Danae Mercer / Jul 8 2019 / 16:37 PM

Forget juice fasts, colonics and long vows of silence. There’s a whole new wave of wellness that wants to make retreats fun.

3 Luxury Wellness Retreats For Having Fun While Getting Fit

If you want to book a fitness holiday but are dreading the thought of extreme diets and sluggish yoga, don’t worry. We have found some of the best health retreats that encourage you to detox, socialise, retox and repeat.

What: Fuel Weekend, W Hotel
Where: Global, including upcoming ones in Oman and Costa Rica
Why: With a motto of ‘detox, retox, repeat’, the W Hotel’s Fuel Weekends are all about mixing wellness with a dose of fun. Expect plenty of intense training throughout the day, with trendy boutique studios on site to make you sweat. Once the sun goes down, guests mingle, eat, and celebrate. The next day, it all starts again.

What: Phuket Cleanse
Where: Thailand
Why: There is no shortage of choice for anything at Phuket Cleanse — and that’s the joy of it. At this bustling, hippy-style retreat, you can SUP, hike up a mountain, learn Muay Thai, do Bikram, lift weights, and make friends in the process. Training sessions happen in big groups. When the workouts are done, meals are shared over one long table.

What: Tribe X
Where: Global, including Bali and Zanzibar
Why: For socialising with a dash of adventure activities and a few workouts thrown in, this is the retreat for you. Here young professionals gather in a fabulous location to explore the surroundings through kayaking, hiking, boating, rafting and more. There is only one class-style workout per day, but that’s fine — you’ll be too busy eating local food or having off-the-beaten-path adventures with the group to care.