Get The Politician Look

BY Shivani Mathur / Oct 18 2019 / 17:35 PM

We cannot help but take style cues from the leading ladies of Ryan Murphy's Neflix debut series, The Politician

Get The Politician Look

Its no secret that Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee, Scream Queens, Pose, and American Horror Story) creates a series, it’s bound to make an impact. His signature blend of West Anderson-esque theatricality and use of powerful female characters is always a guarateed visual treat, and fashionistas can't help but take note of the impeccable styling in his latest endeavour. 

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The Politician marks the prolific director's first collaboration with Netflix and despite being launched a mere three weeks ago, the series has also become a global phenomenon. 

The Politician follows the story of Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt) and his quest to become class president. The show is an allegory for the chaotic political scene in America right now and features Hollywood A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Bette Midler, and Judith Light in supporting roles. However, its the show's leading ladies that really stand out; striking young women with impeccable styles that we cannot help but pay attention to. 

Laura Dreyfuss as McAfee Westbrook

Laura Dreyfuss plays Payton’s right-hand woman McAfee Westbrook. She’s the brain of the operation, and it reflects fiercely through her wardrobe. Seen almost exclusively in power pantsuits, she’s got the Hillary Clinton aesthetic pinned perfectly. Try to play around with pairing your suits with more casual t-shirts and converse and you too can dress like everyone’s favourite campaign manager McAfee.

Julia Schlaepfer as Alice Charles


Julia Schlaepfer, whose wardrobe is admittedly inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s, plays Payton’s girlfriend Alice Charles, who stands by his side despite all adversity in his race to win the election. It’s time to trade in your hoodies and jeans with well-fit sweaters and pastel dresses if you want to rock Alice’s aesthetic. Bonus points if you’ve got pearls to match.

Lucy Boynton as Astrid Sloan


Lucy Boynton plays the iconic Queen Bee Astrid Sloan, who is Payton’s opponent in the election. Naturally, she dresses to kill. Seen in a lot of florals and embellished pieces, her wardrobe can be attained if you’re a fan of cool colours and Topshop. If you go to a store or your wardrobe and see an item that’s mega Brunch appropriate, that’s your cue to put it on. Seemingly, dressing for brunch is Astrid’s perpetual mood.

Rahne Jones as Skye


Probably sporting the least conforming wardrobe on the show, enter Skye: the Vice-President to Payton's main opponent Astrid. She's really nailed the androgynous look. She boldly rocks a shirt dress over cargo pants, and plaid dominates her closet. For venturing on to this edgier spectrum of fashion, choose to ditch the chunky accessories, embrace minimalism, and don’t hesitate to pick up a few things from the men’s section or borrow your boyfriend’s shirts and blazers. To emulate Skye's style, your mood board needs to include lots of flannel and lots of sneakers.

Zoey Deutch as Infinity Jackson


Infinity undergoes a 360-degree transformation between the three-year jump in the show between the first season’s final and penultimate episode. While her style in the first seven episodes is extremely childlike (think, bows, oversized tshirts, and pyjamas) her mature style is feminine and sophisticated. The dominant part of her style on show just includes comfortable clothing that appeals to the juvenile side of fashion. Whether you sport her look ironically or unironically, if the answer to “would a child wear this” is yes, that’s your sign to put it on.