Huda Beauty Has Just Revealed Her New Mascara LEGIT Lashes

BY Laura Kell / May 13 2020 / 20:00 PM

With not one, but two brushes and formulas (yes, you read that correctly) this duo-ended mascara is perfect for the beauty addict who wants it all...

Huda Beauty Has Just Revealed Her New Mascara LEGIT Lashes

It’s been over four years in the making, so you know it’s going to be good. Huda Beauty has officially revealed the newest member of the family and we couldn’t be more excited.

Introducing LEGIT Lashes: a duo-ended two-in-one mascara perfect for those of us who have difficulty choosing between volumizing, lengthening or curling mascara (or those of us who prefer to double - or triple - up on multiple products.)

Designed by The Queen of Lashes herself, Huda Kattan, the innovative double-sided wand boasts two full-sized mascaras in one sleek package and is loaded with Huda's signature extra black Black-2 Liquid pigment, creating an innovative combo perfect for the beauty lover who wants it all when it comes to rocking full, flirty lashes. 

The LEGIT Volume side of the wand is armed with a curved mascara brush featuring intertwined bristles and contains a low gravity volumizing fiber formula. The brush is designed to load an even layer of product onto the lashes, making it the perfect option for those of us who like to layer our mascara but don’t want to compromise when it comes to definition and lash flexibility.

On the other end of the wand, the LEGIT Length and Curl features a second formula (which also contains fibers that work to mimic the look of natural lashes) that grips onto each eyelash, giving the wearer immediate length and added curl.

Overall, this mascara is the best choice for those of us who enjoy having options when it comes to our beauty looks, but hate the idea of having multiple mascaras on hand to achieve that perfect lash look.

Huda’s Tips On How To Get Full Fluttery with LEGIT Lashes

Don’t Forget The Eyelash Curler

If you’re really looking to up your lash game, Huda recommends using a lash curler for at least 10 seconds.

Pro tip: For extra oomph, try heating your eyelash curler with your hair blow dryer for a few seconds before using it on your lashes. Be sure to use the warm setting (i.e. NOT hot) on the blow dryer and test the temperature of lash curler on your wrist before applying it to your eyelashes to ensure it’s not too hot.

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It’s All In The Wiggle

Select the end of the wand that you would like to use for your desired look and start at the root of your lashes when you apply it – then be sure to wiggle the mascara wand back and forth in a zig-zag motion to ensure every lash is covered with the product. This helps avoid any clumps at the end of your lashes, while keeping them looking full and wispy.

Pro Tip: To avoid smudging the product on your eyelid when applying LEGIT Lashes (we’ve all been there before) take a hand mirror and hold it just below your face. Look down at the mirror (as if you’re eyeballing your bathroom sink – or your adorable new pair of shoes) when swiping the wand over your eyelashes.

For Extra Go For Round Two

Want even more thickness and volume? Once you’ve applied LEGIT Lashes, look down and coat them once more. If you want to add a curl, roll the brush as you move it through your lashes.

When you try this technique for the first time, it can be a little messy (this is why it’s best to try to apply the product when looking down) so have some micellar water and a Q-tip on hand. 

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Whether you're looking for a natural, daytime curl or really want to vamp it up for a night out the Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes is the perfect mascara for anyone who wants it all.

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes will be launching on on May 13, 2020 and is approx Dhs100. Join the waitlist now.

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