16 of the best UAE National Day posts on Instagram

BY Sarah Garden / Dec 3 2017 / 13:57 PM

This is how the country’s 46th National Day was marked on social media

16 of the best UAE National Day posts on Instagram
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The UAE celebrated its 46th National Day on 2 December, 2017, marking the union between the emirates which began in 1971.

If you were in the country, you will have noticed celebrations, with red, green, white and black to represent the UAE flag, and plenty of stunning firework displays.

Many people also marked the occasion on social media, including Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, also known as Fazza, who took the opportunity to remind people about the UAE’s founding fathers.

“46 years have passed since the founding of the Union, each day of which the UAE has grown from strength to strength. From Zayed, Rashid and our founding fathers, we learned patriotism and pride in our people. #UAE46,” he wrote.

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Others posted pictures of the huge firework displays, and the Al Fursan Emirat Squad flypast.

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The UAE's famous landmarks were lit up in the nation's colours.

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And UAE flags were flying all over the country.

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Happy 46th National Day, UAE!