Kim Kardashian West Is Dropping Two New KKW Beauty Highlighter Palettes This Week

BY Sarah Garden / May 22 2018 / 20:04 PM

Everything you need to know about the new KKW Beauty Highlighter Palettes

Kim Kardashian West Is Dropping Two New KKW Beauty Highlighter Palettes This Week

Kim Kardashian West is dropping two brand-new highlighter palettes under her KKW Beauty label this week — just in time for summer. If you're thinking, "wait, doesn't Kim already make highlighter palettes?" You're right! She has two highlighters in her KKW Beauty powder contour kit, but she swears this new palette with four shades is even better and glowier.

The new Highlighter Palettes are launching on May 24th at 12pm 11pm UAE time on The palettes come in two shades: Palette I (lighter shades, with an iridescent formula and champagne shades) and Palette II (darker, warmer, and goldenbronze shades).

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"The #KKWBEAUTY Highlighter Palettes feature radiant powder highlighters that blend flawlessly and melt into the skin," the brand writes on Instagram. "The soft and silky texture of the...Highlighter Palettes allow for an effortless application to your cheekbones, nose, and any other areas you want to add shimmer and luminosity. The highlighters will come in two different palettes, complete with four complementary shades that allow you to create a custom glow. "

Kardashian-West described the new formula in a video as "so blingy," adding: "I'm so excited because I've never launched highlighters with this much shine before." Each palette comes with four different shades of highlighter. The makeup mogul swatched each shade on her arm, showing off just how shimmery they look with a single swipe of her finger.

No word yet on the price for each highlighter palette, but we'll update this post when we know more. If these palettes are anything like her contour kits, sticks, eyeshadow palettes or—let's face it—any of her beauty launches, they're sure to sell out in hours.

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