All The Ways That The UAE Is Celebrating Hazza AlMansouri

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 15 2019 / 10:23 AM

The first Emirati Astronaut has safely returned from space and so a joyous state of celebration has officially come into order

All The Ways That The UAE Is Celebrating Hazza AlMansouri

You know that Neil Armstrong saying, "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"? We're sure you do - and as cliché as it may sound, it's exactly what astronaut Hazza AlMansouri has done. Being the first Emirati Astronaut launched to the ISS (International Space Station), and safely returning from his expedition is a historic moment for the UAE and one that certainly will be not be forgotten. Upon returning back to his hometown of Abu Dhabi, the pioneering astronaut was welcomed with open arms, both literally by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and figuratively by the entire country.

From elated messages on social media, to National Geographic announcing the news of a dedicated documentary on the UAE's momental space journey, it's clear that a joyous state of celebration has officially come into order. As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum proudly stated in an Instagram post, "Hazza Al Mansouri's entry to space sends a message to Arab youth that we can march forward, that we can keep pace with the rest of the world." So in essence to re-quote Armstrong, one small step for man, and one giant leap for the Middle East

To honour the Emirati astronaut's accomplishment (and to join in), Harper's BAZAAR Arabia has rounded up all the best ways that the UAE has celebrated this iconic step forward for the Emirates...


A Heartwarming Message

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نحمد الله على وصول ابن الامارات هزاع المنصوري سالماً للأرض بعد أول رحلة لرائد فضاء عربي لمحطة الفضاء الدولية ... فخورين بالانجاز .. وفرحين بالمعرفة والخبرة التي اكتسبناها .. ومتفائلين بالطريق الجديد الذي فتحناه لأجيالنا نحو الفضاء Welcome back Hazza Al Mansouri after your journey as the first Arab Astronaut to the International Space Station. We are proud of your achievement and the knowledge and expertise we have gained through your trip. We have broadened the horizons of our future generations in space.

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His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum dedicates an Intagram post to the Emirati Astronaut; posting images from the astonaut's televised return along with a heartfelt message. 


A Burj Khalifa Dedication

Following tradition, any important event that happens in the UAE is also decorated onto the renowned skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. An image of Hazza AlMansouri along with a video of a rocket launching is reflected in lights and effects onto the building; certainly a beautiful show in dedication to the space launch.


Streetlight Signs 

Not only has the UAE dedicated it's tallest building in the world to this event, but also signs scattered across the streets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have also been built to celebrate Hazza AlMansouri with messages welcoming the astronaut home and inspiring statements like "a dream came true". It really did. 


Dedicated Astronaut Statues 

In the midst of the busy city, an astronaut statue has been build to mark the incredibly important event. Tourists and locals alike can be proud at the fact that they were able to tune in with this iconic step forward in the UAE.


An International Pride

Located in Times Square New York City. We repeat, Times Square, New York City. An enlarged image of our honoured Emirati Astronaut has even been posted on Nasdaq Dubai's building. This achievement is not just for us to recognise, but for everyone in the world.


Hotel Shoutouts 

The Millennium Plaza Hotel's staff in Dubai gathered around for a group photo with the UAE flag and an image of the astronaut to welcome him back home. Can it get any sweeter?!


A Hazza AlMansouri Coffee 

Courtesy of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a.k.a. Fazza's Instagram story. A cup of coffee with Hazza AlMansouri's image sketched into foam is definitely one of the most unique ways that you can celebrate.


Make-Up Artistry

As we've seen before, make-up looks is one of the UAE's favourite ways to celebrate significant events. This illustration of an astronaut & the moon is a beautiful symbol to celebrate Hazza's space mission.


Include The Kids

 This children's play area, 'Jump World', has been celebrating the iconic UAE event by giving out free graphic T-shirts with a Hazza AlMansouri logo on the front. The Emirati Astranout has been inspiring them, now they're representing him. Too cute.


Emirates' Flagship

National airline, Emirates, has decided to show their thanks and pride to the Emirati Astronaut & the historic journey by having a new flagship printed on the side of the A380 plane. We've gone from 'international pride' to world-wide pride. Of course the astronaut illustration is none other than, Hazza AlMansouri.

Here's to Hazza AlMansouri; man of the hour and hopefully soon, man on the moon!