Listen | BAZAAR Chats To One Of Dubai’s Most Prolific Environmentalists Who Lives A Zero Waste Life

BY Milli Midwood / Apr 28 2019 / 18:10 PM

Mariska Nell lives a plastic-free, zero-waste life – and tells us how we can to

Listen | BAZAAR Chats To One Of Dubai’s Most Prolific Environmentalists Who Lives A Zero Waste Life

Imagine living without a rubbish bin in your home. Do you think you could do it? Sounds impossible, right? Well not for Mariska Nell, a Dubai-based artists, environmentalist and all-round eco-warrior who lives an inspiring zero-waste life.

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a world, where no one understands you? . I would like to introduce you to the inspiration behind my latest art piece. The Blue Whale, often referred to as the Lonely Whale or 52. Although Blue Whales are endangered there is something special about 52 and that is the way this whale communicates. Blue whales normally communicate in 15 to 25 Herz frequencies and 52/ Lonely Whale communicate at 52 Hertz. This means that no matter how much this whale communicates it will never be understood by its own species. . It is believed that this whale has spent its entire life in solitude. Calling out, never to be heard by any other whale, making this whale indeed the loneliest whale in the ocean. . The piece is created entirely from single-use plastic straws. Single-use plastics straws are extremely hard to recycle and most facilities do not accept them. We use on average 500million of these straw every single day in the US alone and, they would typically end up in a landfill or the environment, causing harm. . Let's be a voice to those who can not speak. Let's protect the animals that keep our oceans healthy and let's refuse to use single-use. #lonelywhale #52 #bluewhale

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In this week’s episode of #CurrentlyTrending, hot on the heels of Earth Day, which saw people around the world turn their attention to the planet, BAZAAR chats to one of the sustainability industry’s leader to talk all things green. Mariska works as an artist, creating quirky pieces out of trash. She also offers her expertise to those just starting out on their sustainability journey, helping people learn how to cut down on their waste, use less plastic and make better choices for the planet.

From wearing her household waste on her person for an entire week to raise awareness about how much litter we produce at home to living such a conscientious life that she doesn’t even have a rubbish bin in her house, press play to listen to our inspiring talk with one of the region’s most prolific environmentalist.

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