Inside The Jet-Setting Life Of Mohammed Sultan Habtoor

BY Olivia Phillips / Dec 10 2019 / 13:28 PM

The jet-setter, style aficionado and BAZAAR's contributing editor...

Inside The Jet-Setting Life Of Mohammed Sultan Habtoor
Eva Kruiper
Mohammed wears: Altiplano Watch, Dhs298,000, Piaget

Mohammed Habtoor’s illustrious reputation precedes him; style aficionado, globe-trotter and, most recently, augmented-reality pioneer – understandable, since his social-media presence is impressive to say the least. Make no mistake, though, influencer he is not – and as much as he is the most tech-facing of the Habtoors, there’s no escaping Mohammed’s emotional ties to tradition and luxury. “It all started with the Polo S watch for me, so it will always be my baby,” he explains of his Piaget ambassadorship. “I was so happy to be part of that story. Now they’ll always be family.”

Family is the foundation on which everything is built for the Habtoors – so this is quite the compliment. And being that he’s the big brother, we wonder if that means he had it the hardest growing up. “Yes, by being rebellious. But my dad caught me!” he laughs. “My mum was also very strong, so if one of us got punished, we all got punished. It taught us to all have each other’s backs.”

Elegant and softly spoken, it’s hard to imagine him off-the-rails, but one thing is certain; his gravitational pull is unparalleled. It’s little wonder that he has a litany of fabulous, international pals that regularly make appearances on his feed as he jets from Paris to L.A. and everywhere in between.

“When we were kids and all we wanted to do was eat pizza and watch TV in the hotel room, my mum encouraged us to do cultural things instead. And then my father – who’s the life of the party – pushed us to understand values, traditions and cultures,” he explains of where his spirit for adventure first took root.

“A memory that I cherish was when my parents took us to Paris for the first time when we were little. I remember so clearly my dad’s friend teaching us French, and my mum buying the new Madame Grès fragrance. She literally bought it for the whole neighbourhood. Entire suitcases of it went up the Eiffel Tower."

So where’s left on his bucket list? “I’d love to explore Korea… I’m obsessed with their skincare.” (It shows, by the way. His skin is flawless.) “I do get homesick from the minute I take off, though,” he reveals. We venture that it’s a good thing; meaning he’s living in exactly the right place.

“Absolutely. I’m so grateful that I was born in the UAE. We are leading. I’m a traditional-modern Arab and I feel like I represent this beautiful country when I’m abroad. It makes me so proud.” With him as an ambassador, we can’t help but feel a little proud, too.

From the December 2019 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Arabia

Photography by Eva Kruiper
Styling by Anna Castan
Words by Olivia Phillips

Hair and Make-up: Sharon Drugan. Videographer: Augusta Quaynor at MMG Artists. Digital Direction: Elizabeth Kelly Photography Assistant: Reymund Ronald Lozano at HotCold Studio. Fashion Assistants: Anna Smolenko, Joyce Gereige and Zach Nouri. Producer: Elle Hutchinson. Producer’s Assistant: Brian Timmer