13 Of Saudi Arabia's Most Inspirational Moments

BY Janvi Thanki / Sep 19 2018 / 22:04 PM

For Saudi Arabia's National Day on 23 September, we chart the Kingdom's most iconic moments to date

13 Of Saudi Arabia's Most Inspirational Moments

Last year, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud become the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and his progressive and boundary-breaking approach to ruling has shaken up the Kingdom. From cinemas opening and screening iconic Arab films, to Mohammad bin Salman’s iconic #Vision2030, which will see Saudi transformed into a global hub for future economic and investment capabilities, ahead we chart the most inspirational and exciting moments the Kingdom has seen over the last few years.

May, 2013Raha Moharrak becomes the first female from Saudi to climb Mount Everest.

December, 2015 – Saudi Arabia wins a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

May, 2017 - Sara Alrabiah, a 19-year old Saudi student becomes the first female from the Kingdom to win the NASA Intel International Science and Engineering Competition.

February, 2018Ahd Kamel becomes the first Saudi actress to appear Netflix. Her show is called Collateral.

April, 2018Cinemas open for the first time in the The King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.

June, 2018 – Sports grounds allow women and families into the grounds.

June, 2018 – Saudi Arabia lifts the ban on female drivers, allowing women to go behind the wheel. 

June, 2018 – Six Saudi women make history at the World Cup becoming the first all-female group to represent the Green Falcons as flag-bearers.

July, 2018Taleedah Tamer becomes the first Saudi Couture model to walk in fashion week.

July, 2018 - Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud announced Saudi Arabia’s #Vision2030.

September, 2018 -  The Kingdom held a karting race where, for the first time in history, featured a line-up of all-female competitors.

September, 2018 -  Journalist Weam Al Dakheel made history as the first woman to become a lead news anchor, debuting on national channel Saudia TV’s 9:30 PM nightly news.

October, 2018 - Saudi Fashion Week has announced that it will be showcasing emerging designers’ spring/summer 2019 collections from October 21 to 25.