Watch: A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self

Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa and Hadia Ghaleb reflect on the advice they would give their younger selves, in a short film produced together with Rasasi

We asked Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa and Hadia Ghaleb to write a letter to their 16-year-old selves. Both women reflected on how far they have come since their teenage years, and the advice that they would give themselves if they could go back in time.

Bazaar's short film, in partnership with Rasasi, captures the emotions that came out during a beautiful day at Banan Beach in Dubai.

Featured Rasasi products:

Rasasi perfume bottles

From Left: Sotoor fragrances in Seen, Taa, Waaw and Raa

Rasasi perfume bottles

From left: Asrar Indonesia from the Boruzz series; Junoon Satin, Pour Femme; Abeer Malaysia from the Boruzz series


Sheikha Noora also wore The Orient oil, pictured above.