What Exactly Is Caviar?

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Nov 22 2019 / 13:47 PM

BAZAAR breaks down one of fashions favourite foods

What Exactly Is Caviar?

Try the Most Expensive Caviar in the World

Dubai's newly opened Beluga, situtated in the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, is offering an evening of dining on the world's most desirable ingredient: caviar. Few sights are as extravagant as a spoon heaped with glossy beads of caviar - or so we thought, until Beluga unveiled their latest dish, the 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar. The cigar-themed dish will set you back Dhs1,550, but if you're really up for treating yourself this, a portion of 250g of Beluga's Almas caviar sits on the menu for Dhs36,305. Bon appetit! 


This year Mandarin Oriental Jumeira opened Dubai’s first caviar bar, which got BAZAAR thinking about the rare ingredient, which often graces the menu at the most elite restaurant in the city. But what exactly is it? BAZAAAR spoke to Cyrus Tabrizi, founder of Caspian Monarque, a producer and distributor of exclusive Iranian caviar, who broke it down…

How to pronounce caviar…
“The word itself is of Persian origin (خاويار), which literally means ‘fish eggs’. In modern English, two pronunciations are accepted: caviár and cáviar (the accent indicates how the word is stressed).”

The most expensive caviar in the world…
“Beluga caviar originates in the Caspian Sea and is also known as the Huso Huso sturgeon. This coveted fish has reduced in population in part due to over-farming; making caviar from the Beluga an even more desired resource. Iranian caviar from these extraordinary fish is widely considered the best in the world.”

“Osetra caviar is smaller in size and originates from the Caspian Sea.”

“Sevruga caviar is similar in its taste profile to Osetra and is a less costly alternative to the rare and luxurious Beluga.”

Where to find it…
Beauty junkies aside (we're looking at you, La Prairie), Parisian-style caviar bar Beluga, situated in Dubai’s stunning Mandarin Oriental Jumeira offers a lap of luxury and a taste of fashions favourite food.