What’s Will.i.Am's House Really Like?

BY Shivani Mathur / Nov 16 2019 / 16:57 PM

Spoiler alert! Its title ‘The Future’ is very appropriate

What’s Will.i.Am's House Really Like?

Ever wondered what the inside of a globally-loved, LA-based celebrity's house looks like? BAZAAR's editor in chief Salma Awwad visited the musician's lavish home when she met him to shoot the cover of our November 2019 issue. 

Right off the bat after entering the tech-fuelled home you’re greeted with tid-bits of futurism and his personal endeavours with AI. There are also parts inspired by music (including plenty of Black Eyed Peas memorabilia) and pop-culture. 

"First, there’s the lab of his i.am+ technology enterprise, which is where his i.am+ BUTTONS earphones and iPhone camera accessories were conceived. Then there’s his sound stage, filled with cool gadgets and playful memorabilia," writes Salma Awwad.

"Elsewhere, two photo studios and multiple creative spaces house 75 employees as well as all the brainstorming tools one can imagine. A Masters of the Sun truck is parked outside – the Black Eyed Peas’ augmented reality comic-book chronicles – while inside, there’s a huge cafeteria decked out in futuristic furnishings, walls embedded with LED lights and accented with large pot plants meticulously trimmed into geometrical shapes."

"The property itself has its own evolutionary tale with the main house branching into neighbouring plots as will.i.am’s ventures multiply; each plot connected through a walkway that tells the story of the owner’s mindset at the time. Upstairs is where will.i.am’s fashion and tailoring business lives, and downstairs is a multifaceted universe, connected by a staircase that looks like something rejigged from the set of Star Wars. Further down, leading to another property altogether, is his i.am.angel foundation HQ; a combination of zen art alongside high-tech fixtures." 

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