Angelina Jolie's Costume For The Eternals Has Been Revealed

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 10 2019 / 11:32 AM

Two words: metallic and skintight

Angelina Jolie's Costume For The Eternals Has Been Revealed
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Angelina Jolie has been back and better than ever lately, breaking the internet in more ways than one. Her latest cover reveal with Harper's BAZAAR US is one that stunned the world. The fashion and beauty icon talks about parenting, emotional scars and her past as well as her future. The Maleficent star is no stranger to fame, especially after years of acting in the industry, but she also prefers to keep her private life, private.

So, when her BAZAAR cover was released, and her upcoming film costume revealed, it's no wonder the Internet was quick to click. 

As you should already know, Jolie has been cast as the superhero "Thena" for Marvel's upcoming film 'The Eternals', which will reportedly be released a year from now in November 2020. This Marvel movie will be one of the first as a part of 'Marvel's Phase Four', and expectations will be high. But, based on what we can already spot from paparazzi production photos, we should be more than excited.


Jolie's role as a 'greek goddess' isn't too far from reality as she's spotted in her full super-hero get-up; wearing a metallic skintight body suit. The actress also rocks this look with the platinum blonde wig which we've spotted from pap-production photos before.

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It's safe to say that this role is a long way from Mrs. Smith for Jolie, but nevertheless, we can't wait to see what performance she'll grace us with for this big-screen hit.