Charlotte Tilbury’s Mother Is Impossibly Fabulous

BY Harper's BAZAAR U.K. / Jul 29 2019 / 13:22 PM

Patsy Tilbury shares the beauty secrets that inspired her daughter’s passion for make-up

Charlotte Tilbury’s Mother Is Impossibly Fabulous

If you thought you couldn’t get more fabulous than Charlotte Tilbury, the inimitable queen of make-up with a beauty brand as mesmerising as her, then you haven’t met her mother.

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Patsy Tilbury, Charlotte's first beauty icon and one of her biggest inspirations, taught her daughter that lipstick is “happiness in a tube”, the make-up artist and entrepreneur tells Bazaar.

Charlotte explains: “Since I can remember, I have always believed that lipstick has a magical, secret, transformative power. I would watch my mother Patsy applying her ruby red lipstick. She would always tell me as she put it on, ‘lipstick is instant glamour and it will take you anywhere!’ I understood from an early age that lipstick empowers confidence. It was an act of instant beautification, confidence and strength.”

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Indeed, the simple act far surpassed vanity. The transformation for Patsy “pulled her style together and painted on a happiness,” Charlotte says. “At first, it was just my mother’s magic ritual, but soon I observed how it effects other women. There was a psychology to make-up. If you look good, you feel good and the world reacts to you in a powerful way.”

Three decades later, the dynamic talent who now has an MBE under her belt having set countless beauty trends and transformed our make-up bags with her unstoppable eponymous brand, has dedicated a lipstick to her mother.

Her latest collection, Hot Lips 2, is inspired by 11 forceful women and men, from J.K. Rowling to Amal Clooney and – of course – Patsy Tilbury. Patsy Red is the ultimate statement shade for that instant dose of glamour (and happiness).

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