Dana Hourani's Soulful Tribute To Lebanon Gave Us Goosebumps

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 21 2019 / 13:11 PM

The former Harper's BAZAAR Arabia cover star's rendition of "Li Beirut" is hauntingly beautiful...

Dana Hourani's Soulful Tribute To Lebanon Gave Us Goosebumps

"For Beirut and all of Lebanon." Dana Hourani captions this to her Instagram post dedicated to the current situation in her home-country. Lebanese citizens have been protesting across the entire country, in hopes of making impactful changes to their government. The unrest that has been currently circulating the countrys politics followed as an aftermath of the Lebanese Forest Fires in the Chouf Mountains where many were left with damaged homes. Lebanese citizens have been prevailing and fighting for their homeland to return back ot its glory days, with strikes, crowds of millions flooding the streets, and marches - attention from the rest of the world has definitely been brought to them.

These strong Lebanese civialians have not been the only ones fighting though. Through the use of social media and their stance in media, many Middle Eastern influencers have also spoken out according to the countrys political climate. Heartfelt messages, touching videos and images of this resistance are doing more than just trending on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A hashtag in Arabic has even started - "#لبنان_ينتفض" : "Lebanon is rising." 

Whether it's Jessica Kahawaty, or our former cover-stars Nadine Nassib Njeim & Dana Hourani - it's clear that the Lebanese people, and fellow Middle-Easterners, will not stand silent. But instead, will show a peaceful united front. Dana Hourani, like many other influencers, used her platform to show her love for Lebanon by performing a cover of an infamous Lebanese song. "Li Beirut" by the icon Fairuz is practically a love letter to Lebanon that was written some time in the '60s, and was coincedentally used by patriots for the Lebanese Civil War. This is the perfect Arabic song for these current political events, and Dana Hourani's take on it makes the moment even more perfect.

It was only a month ago that the influencer turned artist dropped her first single, which showcased her amazing talents. It's safe to say that our May cover-star has done Fairuz justice, and delivered a beautiful message to all of those protesting, or even those who aren't aware of the events in Lebanon right now. 

'Lahza', 'Li Beirut' or 'Ella Enta' - any of these songs sang by Hourani are sure to be filled with love and genuinity - if you haven't listened to her latest Instagram post, we've just given you a reason to now.