Exclusive: Pharrell Williams Tells Us A Secret About Karl Lagerfeld

BY Olivia Phillips / Nov 13 2019 / 11:33 AM

Whilst in Tokyo to celebrate Chanel's latest iteration of its Mademoiselle Prive exhibition, brand ambassador Pharrell Williams exclusively revealed a secret about his music, his Chanel collaboration, and his relationship with Kasier Karl himself...

Exclusive: Pharrell Williams Tells Us A Secret About Karl Lagerfeld
Chanel; Instagram/KarlLagerfeld

"I've never told anyone this story,” Pharrell Williams half- whispers, tucked into a secluded interview corner with us at the Tokyo launch of Mademoiselle Privé. It’s a sentence that is music to a journalist’s ears. We lean in closer...

“In 2014, I made two songs for Diddy. I made Lemon, and I made a song that I never released called Chanel Pharrell. Karl [Lagerfeld] never knew about it, but when he talked about doing a collaboration with me, he said, ‘Why don’t we do Chanel Pharrell?’” He pauses as he looks us in the eye. “Facts,” he says finally.

Courtesy of Chanel

To some, this semi-telepathic simpatico between the two would be unsurprising, their long-standing friendship resulting in Pharrell’s ambassadorship of the maison and, more recently, the storming, sell-out partnership that he’s referring to – the first celebrity to ever collaborate on a capsule with the house, no less.

On pressing Pharrell if he would ever release the track, he immediately said he wouldn't be. If only Karl were still here to offer him a few words of encouragement...

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