Gigi Hadid Is "Never Going Back" To Mykonos After Being Robbed

BY Delara Zand / Aug 13 2019 / 23:42 PM

After falling victim to a burglary, the model cut her trip short and declared that she wouldn't be back

Gigi Hadid Is "Never Going Back" To Mykonos After Being Robbed
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Gigi Hadid was enjoying a vacay on the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos with her sisters Bella and Marielle, as well as some close pals, to celebrate their sister Alana's 34th birthday. Holiday snaps were rolling in on the 24-year-old model's Instagram account - bikinis, blue skies and the glorious Aegean Sea (basically, paradise) - and we were more than just a little jealous. 

Then, it appeared, disaster struck. Gigi took to her newly minted @gisposable account (exclusively for snaps taken on a single-use film camera) to post a mirror selfie, and shared news of a burglary with her followers in the caption: "Don’t let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn’t recommend. Spend your money elsewhere". Instagram definitely did have us fooled...

Her father, Mohamed Hadid, later detailed the incident to TMZ. He explained that the girls had gone out, accompanied by their bodyguard, and returned home to find that the villa had been broken into and their personal belongings stolen. He continued that although Gigi was left "traumatised", he was glad that nobody was hurt. TMZ reports that the stolen items included "jewellery, clothing, purses and sunglasses". 

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Following the incident, Gigi and Bella cut their holiday short and hired a private plane to fly them home. However, Gigi continued to post film photos of the group of girls, looking smiley and carefree, making us think that they did leave with some great memories to cherish.