Kate Middleton Looks Stunning In Traditional Pakistani Attire In Islamabad

BY Rohma Theunissen / Oct 15 2019 / 10:54 AM

The British royal embraced local culture on the Cambridges' first trip to Pakistan

Kate Middleton Looks Stunning In Traditional Pakistani Attire In Islamabad

The Duchess of Cambridge has already won the hearts of Pakistanis all over the world as she has consistently chosen to wear traditional Pakistani attire on the trip. The young royals landed the country's capital Islamabad yesterday for a 5-day royal tour of Pakistan

This is the first time that the Cambridge royals have visited the South Asian country which has always maintained strong ties to the UK. The purpose of the trip has been to "strengthen ties between Pakistan and the UK" at a time of heightened political tensions in the region. 

The ever-graceful Kate showcased her love and respect for local culture by wearing traditional shalwar kameez, Pakistan's national dress, on both days of her trip so far. The cultural gesture brings back strong memories of the late Princess of Wales, Diana, who had done the exact same thing on her last visit to Pakistan in 1996. 

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For security reasons, the itinerary of the royal tour remains tightly witheld, with Kensington Palace releasing information of each day in real time. So far, William and Kate have had pursued a strong education-focused agenda, visiting prominent schools in Islamabad to highlight the importance of education. Later today, the Cambridges will meet with Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan - a man who has always maintained very close personal ties to the UK. An Oxford graduate, Khan was married to one of Diana's closest friend, Jemima Goldsmith for over 11 years, and Diana's last visit to Pakistan was to support him and Jemima raise funds for his charity hospital Shaukhat Khanum memorial. Diana stayed at the Khan residence throughout the duration of her Pakistan trip, giving the royals forthcoming meeting a personal tone.