Meghan Markle's Father Could Be Testifying Against Her In Court

BY Kasia Truscott / Jan 16 2020 / 08:24 AM

Thomas Markle could be giving evidence against his daughter as part of her legal battle against the British press

Meghan Markle's Father Could Be Testifying Against Her In Court
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The Duchess of Sussex's father, Thomas Markle, could potentially be asked to give evidence against her at the high court in London, as part of her Mail on Sunday legal battle against the British press.

Meghan is suing the British newspaper outlet for a multitude of charges, including invasion of privacy, breach of copyright and misuse of personal data, after it published excerpts from a private letter she sent to her father without her permission. The letter had disclosed Meghan's dissatisfaction with the way in which her estranged father had been treating her. 

The tabloid filed their defence to the high court on Tuesday. Hitting back against Meghan's copyright claim, the outlet based their defence on the premise of the argument that in 2019, the Duchess had also allowed her close friends to talk with People magazine, many of whom had told the outlet of a "loving" letter she had written to her father at the time.

"Thomas Markle had a weighty right to tell his version of what had happened between himself and his daughter including the contents of the letter. She did not suggest that they try to repair their relationship," the Mail on Sunday claims, per The Guardian.

As the official court documents reveal, "Except for the receipt of the letter, Mr. Markle had not heard from his daughter since he wrote to tell her he was too ill to attend her wedding, nor has he ever been introduced to or met Prince Harry or their son, his grandson."

The details of Meghan's ongoing legal battle against the tabloid come just days after she announced that her and Prince Harry would be stepping back as senior royals, with the hopes of becoming financially independent from the royal family.

Though an official date is yet to be decided in order for the court case to commence, Meghan has pledged to donate any damages she may recieve from the case to charity. 

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