Misha Nonoo Defends Duchess of Sussex Amidst Rising Backlash

BY Kasia Truscott / Sep 15 2019 / 17:06 PM

"She genuinely seeks to help people"

Misha Nonoo Defends Duchess of Sussex Amidst Rising Backlash
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American-based fashion designer Misha Nonoo has defended the Duchess of Sussex amidst the rising criticism she and Prince Harry face. Nonoo has been a longtime friend of Meghan's, and is reportedly the person who arranged for a blind date between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London.

“I think [the criticism] is unjust, and I think that people should really focus on the good work [she and Prince Harry] do," Nonoo said in an interview on The Today Show.

Nonoo and the Duchess have recently collaborated on a capsule workwear collection that launched earlier this week. The collection is aimed to help raise money for Smart Works, a charity helping unemployed and disadvantaged women re-enter the workplace. For every item sold, another will go directly to the foundation.

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“This is her first official engagement after having had her baby, it's all about empowering women, all about what she has essentially always sought to do," Nonoo said of the Smart Works project.

The Duchess is next scheduled to attend an official royal trip to South Africa, accomapanied by her newborn son and husband, the Duke of Sussex.

Nonoo continued, “When she goes to Africa with Prince Harry and their new little one, she is going to do some events there on empowering women. She's really interested in empowering women around the world.”

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The Duke and Duchess have recently experienced a rise in backlash over the past few months, particualry after the couple decided to keep some details surrounding the birth of their son private.

They were also surrounded by controversy after they flew by private jet to visit Elton John's South of France home earilier this year. While the journey was paid for by the singer, many critics felt that given the pair's focus on environmental causes, the trip was hypocritical.

Nonoo defended the Duchess and said that the public and press should instead focus on the positive work her friend is doing.

“I think that is something that her and I bonded over from the very early days of our relationship was that she genuinely seeks to help people," she said.

“It comes from a place deep within her where she really wants to make people's lives better. She's the consummate professional, and she's been extremely hands-on in the project, and it's something that she's really passionate about.”