This 25-Year-Old Iraqi Activist Just Won A Nobel Peace Prize

BY Sara Tardiff / Dec 11 2018 / 20:38 PM

And Amal Clooney gave a speech on her behalf

This 25-Year-Old Iraqi Activist Just Won A Nobel Peace Prize

If you really need to read some news that makes you feel hopeful and happy to be a woman, this is exactly that. The Nobel Peace Prize award for 2018 just went to (drum roll, please) a 25-year-old Iraqi woman leading the fight against sexual violence. As a survivor of sex slavery herself, Murad has been an advocate for women globally with an emphasis on victims of war. She shared the effect it has had on herself and her people, the Yazidi - who have had 6,500 victims of slavery in recent history.

Murad was awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway alongside Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege who has treated thousands of victims of sexual abuse in the Congo. She is the first Iraqi and seventeenth woman in history to win the award. In her speech, she was adamant that she didn't want anyone's sympathy, instead she wants community action, adding: “It is my view that all victims deserve a safe haven until justice is done for them.”

Despite her incredibly young age, Murad has made and continues to made a lasting impact in the lives of women worldwide, working with the likes of the United Nations and even Amal Clooney, who attended the award ceremony to speak on behalf of Murad and her story. “At a time when so many women’s voices are still silenced, Nadia’s has been heard around the world,” said Clooney in her speech.

When it was announced in October 2018 that she and Mukwege had won, Murad wrote an open letter for Reuters saying, "Sexual violence against women must never be tolerated. We must remain committed to rebuilding communities ravaged by genocide. We must remain steadfast in helping refugees return home, or be given safe harbour elsewhere."

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