Princess Eugenie Is Starting A Royal Podcast

BY Stephanie Lohale / Aug 4 2019 / 14:30 PM

She plans on spreading awareness with the help of her charity The Anti-Slavery Collective

Princess Eugenie Is Starting A Royal Podcast
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Making royal history, Princess Eugenie is set to be the first member of the royal family to create a podcast series.The British royal will co-host a podcast entitled ‘Freedom United’ with close friend Julia De Boinville. The series will tackle outlawed topics under modern slavery.

Announcing the news in a video posted on Instagram, the 29-year-old writes, "The Anti-Slavery Collective’s mission is to bring people together because together, we’re so much more powerful and we can affect serious change." In the video the princess also revealed, "We do this for the person who can't scream and shout like we can … for the women, girls, men, children all over the world."

Princess Eugenie and  Julia De Boinville first met on a bus during a school trip which sparked the beginning of their "life-long adventure and friendship." They susequently travelled the world together after studying at Newcastle University, but it was a 2012 trip to Kolkata, India which inspired the pair to launch their own anti-slavery charity, after learning about The Women’s Interlink Foundation - which rescues young women from modern slavery and teaches them a vocational skill such as fabric printing.

The royal hopes that through the podcast, the charity’s crucial work will reach a wider audience, making a difference and creating awareness around an issue that still globally affects millions.

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