Sheikh Mohammed Surprises Ramadan Volunteers

BY Milli Midwood / May 24 2018 / 18:09 PM

The ruler of Dubai made an impromptu appearance for Iftar

Sheikh Mohammed Surprises Ramadan Volunteers

Volunteers giving out iftar dinners on the streets of Dubai got a big surprise yesterday: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made an impromptu appearance. 
The UAE Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai greeted helpers from the Al Ihsan Charity Association who were donating meals in celebration of Ramadan.

The chief executive of Al Ihsan Charity Association, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi, who is also known as ‘Green Sheikh’ on Twitter, took to his social media account to share images and videos of Sheikh Mohammed’s outing.

“One of the most wonderful quotes that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid said: With a positive outlook, you will see challenges as opportunities, the future full of success and people packed with potential, abilities, talent and goodness...”, Sheikh Abdul captions the Instagram snap.

The charitable initiative dishes our Iftar dinners to drivers on the roads of Dubai in order to dissuade them from speeding home and driving dangerously to break their fast. Last month, Dubai Police revealed that road rage is one of the main catalysts for accidents during Ramadan.

Sheikh Mohammed often makes surprise visits for inspections in the UAE. If that’s not a way to lead by example, then we don’t know what is!