Victoria Beckham On Having Control Of Her Own Narrative Through Her YouTube Channel

BY Harper's BAZAAR U.K. / Feb 20 2019 / 14:46 PM

"It can be whatever I want it to be"

Victoria Beckham On Having Control Of Her Own Narrative Through Her YouTube Channel
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Late last year, Victoria Beckham announced that she would be heading into the world of vlogging, kind of. The designer – who launched her YouTube channel with a livestream of her autumn/winter 2019 show this weekend – told us backstage that creating a new platform for herself is all about being in control of her own narrative.

“Although my kids are obsessed with YouTube, it’s a platform that I hadn’t really tapped into at all until Derek approached me,” Beckham says, referring to site’s brand-new fashion and beauty sector, which is being headed up by Derek Blasberg. “The more he explained, the more I thought that this would be a great platform for me to show what I do, who I am and to introduce my team. It is going to be informative, there will be beauty content, but then there’s also going to be humour. This is content that I am going to own – and it can be whatever I want it to be.”

Blasberg explained that this level of control what makes YouTube appealing over other channels.

“A lot of social media can be really daunting; it’s all about opening up your life and Victoria is a very private person. But I think what appealed to her about this is that she is controlling her own narrative. She finally has a place to say, ‘This is how I do my lipstick,’ ‘This is what time I wake up,’ ‘This is what time I do my workout,’ and, ‘This is what I wear during my workout.’ And those are all things Victoria’s followers want her perspective on.”

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Beckham will be sharing a varied range of content on her channel, from letting us see the inside of her wardrobe to teaching us about the day-to-day life of a creative director. There will also be plenty of more traditional beauty and styling content in the form of YouTube tutorials, where she will be passing on the knowledge she has picked up from the best hair, make-up and fashion people in the business.

“As a woman, I have been in a position where I have worked with the best people and I make no secret of the fact that I want to share this,” she told us. “I want to pass on the tips that I have learnt to other women.”

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Beckham’s approach marks something completely new for the social media platform, which hasn’t tended to appeal to such A-list celebrities. This has been a missed opportunity, Blasberg says.

“What I think is incredible about YouTube is that there is this entire creative community, super powerful, super influential make-up and beauty personalities, and then there is this whole other world of top-tier fashion people like Victoria – and there hasn’t been the best communication between the two.”


On how Beckham will effortlessly transition into the role of YouTube personality, Blasberg seems very confident.

“Victoria is so thorough. She doesn’t do anything half way. Right now, she is launching her beauty brand and I have had a lot of conversations with her about it. What’s clear is that she knows what the ingredients are in each product she uses and she knows why it’s good that they are in there. One thing that I am personally excited about seeing on her YouTube channel (which I think is the perfect platform for this kind of conversation) is how specific she is on the treatments that she does, the creams that she uses and what she’s looking for in her own beauty brand because, with Victoria, it’s never just putting her name on something.”

Another reason she will excel in this position? Beckham’s willingness to show her personality and her sense of humour, which fans already get a glimpse of through her Instagram, but will see so much more of with this next chapter.

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